Transparent Advertising on the Blockchain.

Prioritize creator earnings via fair revenue sharing, diverse ad formats, and secure blockchain payments.

Data Encryption
Global Accessibility
Information Transparency
Geographical Customization
Fair Pricing

AdsFlow isn't just another technology solution; it's a complete advertising paradigm shift.

We revolutionize advertising strategies by leveraging cutting-edge technology, particularly the transformative power of blockchain, and prioritizing user needs at every step.

Unveiling AdsFlow's Diverse Orchestra

Tailoring Solutions for Every Note

AdsFlow transcends a one-size-fits-all approach, recognizing the dynamic symphony of players within the advertising ecosystem. It meticulously tunes its solutions to resonate with the unique needs and aspirations of each participant, harmonizing their interests for a more transparent and impactful advertising future.

Advertisers & Marketers

Whether you're a solopreneur with a budding vision or a multinational brand orchestrating global campaigns, AdsFlow empowers you to simplify campaign management, pinpoint your ideal audiences with laser precision, and maximize your ROI like never before.

Publishers & Content Creators

Cast off the shadows of intermediaries and claim your rightful spotlight! AdsFlow fosters direct connections with advertisers, ensuring fair compensation and transparent ad placements. Monetize your content effectively and forge mutually beneficial partnerships that amplify your reach.

Marketing Agencies & Professionals

Juggling multiple client campaigns is a juggling act no more. AdsFlow's unified dashboard becomes your conductor's baton, seamlessly orchestrating campaigns across diverse platforms. Watch client satisfaction soar as you reclaim control and unlock your agency's true potential.

Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Conquering the advertising landscape doesn't have to be a Goliath's game. AdsFlow levels the playing field with customizable and scalable solutions designed for your specific needs. Witness the power of impactful advertising – even on a smaller stage, your brand can shine.

Industry Innovators & Early Adopters

Are you the visionary leading the charge towards a brighter advertising future? Embrace the cutting-edge power of blockchain with AdsFlow and be at the forefront of revolutionizing transparency and efficiency. Rewrite the rules, pave the way for a more ethical and impactful advertising ecosystem.

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Adsflow's Complete Roadmap

Tailoring Solutions for Every Note



Inception and Project Kickoff



Private Token Sale


Q1 - Q2

Foundational Setup and Preliminary Actions

Q2 - Q3

Beta Launch and Market Entry


Q3 - Q4

Developer Empowerment and Community Engagement


Q1 - Q2

Developer Tools Rollout and Community Synergy

Q2 - Q3

Mainnet Deployment and Audilane Revelation



Operational Expansion and Innovative Ventures

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Adsflow's Tokenomics

Unveiling the Power of AFL Token

Token Distribution and Allocation

AFL Total Supply : 10,000,000,000

The AFL Token is allocated across various categories within the AdsFlow ecosystem:

  • Ecosystem Fund - Development:1.5 billion AFL (15%)
  • Team and Advisors:0.8 billion AFL (8%)
  • Private Sale: 1 billion AFL (10%)
  • Public Sale:1.2 billion AFL (12%)
  • Liquidity Pool:2 billion AFL (20%)
  • Content, Engagement, and App Integration:2.5 billion AFL (25%)
  • Community Rewards:0.3 billion AFL (3%)
  • Marketing and Partnerships:0.7 billion AFL (7%)

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